Homebuying with Confidence

Ownly Verified provides a zero-paperwork buyer verification process for some of the world’s most trusted real estate brands.

How it works

The benefits of getting Verified

You control access to your data
You and your co-buyers decide what information to share through the Verified application. Ownly and our business partners will never sell your information.
Discover your true buying power
Verified is more than a mortgage calculator. It uses patented technology to calculate your buying power with real financial information — but without the hassles of pre-approval paperwork, hard credit checks, mortgage calculations, or home appraisals.
Bring in your co-buyers
If you are teaming up with co-buyers, Verified takes their buying power into account as well. Just enter their phone number or email, and Verified will send them a link to get verified with you. You’ll get a single, accurate shopping budget that takes your combined buying power into account.
Get early access to the best available homes
Getting Verified puts you at the top of a seller’s buyer list and gets you priority access to their best available home inventory.
Share your verified ID with whoever you’re working with
You can choose to share your Verified information with your real estate professional, mortgage broker, lawyer, or whoever else is working with you in the buying process.
Keep your data secure
Verified puts your privacy and security front and center. Our information security practices include:

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