Expert Series: Jason Hardy of Ownly

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Founded in 2020, Ownly is centered on a vision to bring trust and transparency to consumers shopping for a new home. The company’s patented software seamlessly embeds into home builder’s existing website experience as a shopping cart widget, which allows consumers to “add” homes to their shopping cart.

Ownly: Revolutionizing Real Estate in Calgary

Calgary-based Ownly brings the home purchase process online with a real estate platform positioned to revolutionize the industry. Constant trips to sales centres may soon be things of the past as buyers go digital to design their dream homes from anywhere, anytime. For home builders, the Ownly platform can be conveniently integrated into existing web infrastructure […]

Ownly: Revolutionizing Real Estate

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There are few experiences more exciting than working with a home builder to design your dream home. Once the big decisions are made, like location and architectural style, hundreds of additional decisions remain – enthusiasm can wane with every task and trip to the sales centre.

Why Builders Online Shopping Carts are Different

Market Proof Marketing - Ownly

Kevin Oakley is joined by Jason Hardy, the Co-Founder, and CEO of Ownly. Jason describes Ownly’s vision to become the “Shopify” for new construction and allow builders the ability to embed a shopping cart and check out experience on their website.

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