Transparency of Online Buying Tool Led Buyers to choose Shane Homes

Shane Homes Couple Shopping Online - Ownly

The desire to know what things cost, and what a buyer can afford, drove Shane Homes’ introduction of the unique Build and Price last fall. Consumers can confirm specific home style costs in the community they’re most interested in, along with costs of possible options.

PropTech is making it easier to buy or sell a house online

Kim and Dave Bailey knew they wanted to build their new home on a lot that would accommodate a three-car garage. But finding the right location meant repeatedly taking time out of their day to visit sales offices, only to find out what they wanted wasn’t even a possibility. See how the Bailey’s used Ownly […]

PropTech Collective: Spotlight Series with Jason Hardy

In their seventh episode, Proptech Collective talks to Jason Hardy, the CEO and Co-Founder of Ownly to talk about launching his first proptech startup, bringing e-commerce to real estate, and the way data is powering decision-making for both developers and homeowners.

We want to be the Shopify of real estate

Converging e-commerce and real estate hasn’t always been simple because of the latter’s exorbitant price points but a Calgary-based company has done it. Proptech platform Ownly will power a digital marketplace for the real estate industry where people can purchase homes.

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